Season 4, Episode 4: Why You Should Stay (Or Go Home)

“We don’t have to feel guilty that the world has changed.”

In modern-day missions, we’re no longer packing our things in coffins on the way overseas or burning our boats once we arrive on the field. We can fly to most places in the world with relative ease and be in remote areas in a matter of hours. Moving overseas for a few years or even a year is commonplace, and we don’t need to feel guilty about that.

Out of their experience serving on and leading one-year teams overseas, Don and Todd cover four red flags and three green lights to answer the question, “Should I decide to stay for another year or head back home?” Enjoy!

Season 4, Episode 3: Good Goodbyes

Leaving the mission field is hard for both the people departing and the team members left behind. The reality of missions work is that many of us go through “gospel goodbyes” on a regular basis. Don and Todd give practical examples of good and not-so-good goodbyes and offer tools to successfully transition off a team.

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Season 4, Episode 2: Frontier Mobilization

We have these enormous pockets of believers where the number of people going from these groups is incredibly small.

Scott and Aaron return to speak about their work on the mission field of mobilizing the nations to go to their unreached neighbors. They live in a sprawling city that sits near relatively large nomadic people groups, none of which have known churches. Their goal is to raise up the existing church to be sent to the hundreds of ethnic groups without churches within their own borders.

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Season 4, Episode 1: Reshaping How We Think About Evangelism

Life On Mars listeners – we are back after a long hiatus! Thank you for your patience with us. Our goal is to bring you high-quality content from the front lines of church planting work in unreached areas. We hope Season Four will encourage and challenge you to consider bringing the gospel to the world.

In this episode of LOM, we sit down with two gentlemen who’ve recently arrived on the field. We spend the first half of the episode hearing their personal stories of getting to the field and then dig into a fantastic conversation surrounding an author who has some unconventional views on evangelism.


-The LOM Team

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