Season 5, Episode 6: Platforms [Pros and Cons]

Don and Todd run through the most common platforms found on the field and lay out the basic pros and cons of each one. Although platforms look very different from country to country, we hope this proves useful as you consider your context and next steps towards moving overseas!

Season 5, Episode 5: What a “Normal” Day Looks Like

Don and Todd respond to listener mail, answering the question “What does a normal day on the field look like?” Don and Todd each run through an average day and touch on some cultural differences that can be really tough for westerners.

Season 5, Episode 4: Intro to Honor/Shame

Don and Todd give a crash-course overview of honor/shame cultures and explain why exporting a western 4-point gospel presentation may not be the hope of the world.



Season 5, Episode 3: Intro to Orality

Don and Todd provide an overview of oral storytelling as it relates to church planting among unreached people groups. Many of the unreached groups left are made up of people known as oral preference learners and understand truth through stories.



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