Here at The Sowers Project, we are all about connecting you to church planting among the unreached. We wholeheartedly believe that Christians are called to make disciples among every tongue, tribe, and nation. And we want to help YOU know your role in God’s global mission.

We are constantly looking for new ways to give you a clear look into the life of a missionary. We seek to write honestly and transparently, encouraging you to process how you can fulfill the Great Commission, either from home or the mission field.

Whether you have considered going with The Sowers Project or have simply been encouraged by our blog, we want to offer you yet another resource: the Life on Mars Podcast.

Brought to you from the field, Life On Mars provides honest conversations with missionaries in some of the most unreached regions on planet Earth. In fact, things are so different, it might as well be Mars.

Life On Mars addresses the younger generation of “gospel-nauts”, or those who are interested in bringing the gospel to new, uncharted territory. For some, this podcast may ignite further passion for God’s glory among the nations and bring you a step closer in your journey to working among the unreached. For others, it may also ignite a further passion for God’s glory among the nations, but help you see that missions in an unreached context isn’t your cup of tea. We’re excited about both.

Much of what we hear in our home countries puts missions on a pedestal. It becomes that thing the “extra holy” Christians do. It’s sometimes even sold as the thing you need to do if you really want to get serious about fulfilling the Great Commission.

We want to put that idea to rest by providing real conversations with people actually laboring on the mission field. From our research, we believe this podcast to be the first of its kind. You can find plenty of sermons about missions, but you won’t find people talking about real life in the unreached world.

We hope this podcast is a great blessing to you as you enter into our discussions about the good, the bad, and the ugly of this line of work. Each episode will have a specific topic ranging from how to transition well to the field to the hot topics circling around in the missions world.

Be blessed, and let your knees grow numb in prayer with us for Jesus’ renown.

You can subscribe to the podcast on the iTunes store (simply search for “Life on Mars”) or listen below!