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Season 5 Episode 2: Intro to Church Planting Movements

In this lively episode of Life On Mars, Don and Todd provide an overview of church planting movements (CPM). Specifically, they outline three of the most widely used methods and the principles driving them. Enjoy!

Resources mentioned in the episode:


T4T –

4 Fields –


The LOM Team

Season 5 Episode 1: Todd’s Life Transition

The Life On Mars team is SO excited about season five! We’ve carefully selected content largely generated from listener feedback surveys and hope it blesses you greatly.

To kick the season off, we spend a few minutes re-stating the vision for the podcast and then hear Todd process a big life change that just happened. Todd, a co-host of the podcast, lived and worked in an unreached Muslim context and recently encountered some unexpected changes. We talk a lot about healthy goodbyes and transitions here on the podcast, and Todd is currently having to put a lot of our content into practice. Tune in as he thoughtfully walks us through his recent experiences!

Here is the link to the survey mentioned in the episode:

Season 4, Episode 6: Zero Areas

“Zero Areas” are places where unengaged, unreached people live. Rick returns to LOM to share about the creative ways his team is working in these regions. Rick’s team works with tribal groups in isolated areas in Asia.

This episode wraps up season four! We’ll be in the studio this week working on season five, set to be released this fall.

Season 4, Episode 5: Shifting Theological Persuasions

“I didn’t just know that these were men who disagreed with me, but that these were men who actually love the Lord.”

Rick comes from the Reformed tradition and, after going overseas, quickly found himself doing life and ministry with people from very different “tribes” within Christianity. Rick talks with us about how this experience was a blessing and puts forth a great case for embracing people the Lord puts in our lives, regardless of their respective theological persuasions.

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